ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

All modules of ERP Solutions are presented below:

  • Accounts Management Module:

Ledger, Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Group Summary, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account/ Income & Expenditure Account, Balance Sheet, Receipt and Payment Account, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Budget & Variance, Cost Center, Ratio Analysis. 

  • Fixed Asset Management Module:

Asset Configuration, Set up of Suppliers Information and asset warranty, asset-wise entry (Disposal, Purchase, Adjustment), Fixed assets schedule- Group-wise/Ledger-wise (Reducing Balance/ Straight Line Method)

  • Payroll Management Module:

Entry for Attendance or Data import from attendance machine, Allowance/ Deduction Transaction, Leave Application, Payroll Generation, Pay slip, Attendance report, Leave report, Employee Details, Salary Details, Payroll Statement, Payroll register.

  • Provident Fund Management Module:

Membership Information, Nominee Information, Contribution (Member & Company), Loan Sanction & loan Amortizer, Interest Calculation, Investment Schedule, Income/Profit Distribution, Final Settlement, Net Deposit Statement, Contribution Statement, Advance Payment Statement, Final Payment Statement.

  • Inventory Management Module:

Item creation with code, Stock summary, Stock valuation, Location-wise stock report, Stock movement analysis, Slow moving and fast moving item register, Item-wise profitability, Store ledger, Stock transfer from one location to another, Barcode scanner compatibility.

  • Purchase Management Module:

Master button to configure suppliers group, and detail (with add date) and Register, Purchase requisition, Quotation for purchase, Purchase order register, Purchase Challan/ Receive inventory, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return, Accounts payable, Purchase return register, Component price list, Party-wise product/Product-wise party purchase analysis report.

  • Sales Module:

Customers Detail (with add date) and Register, Sales representative Details, Fixation of price level, and sales price, Configuration for gift item or bonus, Quotation for sales, Sales order/ Delivery order/ challan register, Sales invoice (configurable by the users at entry level to get customized print format), Accounts receivables, Sales register, Sales return register, Sales price list, Party-wise product/ product-wise party sales analysis report, Sales commission.


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