Our Service

Our Service

ERP Solutions:

All modules of ERP Solutions are presented below:

  • Accounts Management Module:

Ledger, Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Group Summary, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account/ Income & Expenditure Account, Balance Sheet, Receipt and Payment Account, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Budget & Variance, Cost Center, Ratio Analysis. 


  • Fixed Asset Management Module:

Asset Configuration, Set up of Suppliers Information and asset warranty, asset-wise entry (Disposal, Purchase, Adjustment), Fixed assets schedule- Group-wise/Ledger-wise (Reducing Balance/ Straight Line Method)

  • Payroll Management Module:

Entry for Attendance or Data import from attendance machine, Allowance/ Deduction Transaction, Leave Application, Payroll Generation, Pay slip, Attendance report, Leave report, Employee Details, Salary Details, Payroll Statement, Payroll register.


  • Provident Fund Management Module:

Membership Information, Nominee Information, Contribution (Member & Company), Loan Sanction & loan Amortizer, Interest Calculation, Investment Schedule, Income/Profit Distribution, Final Settlement, Net Deposit Statement, Contribution Statement, Advance Payment Statement, Final Payment Statement.


  • Inventory Management Module:

Item creation with code, Stock summary, Stock valuation, Location-wise stock report, Stock movement analysis, Slow moving and fast moving item register, Item-wise profitability, Store ledger, Stock transfer from one location to another, Barcode scanner compatibility.

  • Purchase Management Module:

Master button to configure suppliers group, and detail (with add date) and Register, Purchase requisition, Quotation for purchase, Purchase order register, Purchase Challan/ Receive inventory, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return, Accounts payable, Purchase return register, Component price list, Party-wise product/Product-wise party purchase analysis report.

  • Sales Module:

Customers Detail (with add date) and Register, Sales representative Details, Fixation of price level, and sales price, Configuration for gift item or bonus, Quotation for sales, Sales order/ Delivery order/ challan register, Sales invoice (configurable by the users at entry level to get customized print format), Accounts receivables, Sales register, Sales return register, Sales price list, Party-wise product/ product-wise party sales analysis report, Sales commission


Website Design & Development:

e-Soft provides web solutions including static web portals, dynamic web portals, e-commerce portals and online news portals with in-house delivery system. All of our designs are built in-house thus giving unique look to your website. We have pool of talented designers. They invest time to create solutions that make your website feel "real" without adversely affecting the core objective of the website.

Website Maintenance:

We have a very efficient team who are always ready to enable your website updated with the information of changing trends of your business as you provide and secured with data back-up services at a very affordable service charge. We also facilitate our clients with content updates, re-designing services, and repair and alteration of existing web portals at a very competitive prices.


Domain Registration & Hosting Services:

We provide Domain and hosting facilities at a very affordable price. We are herewith USA based secured Linux and windows servers. Our web hosting services includes Virtual Private Server (VPS), dedicated servers, cloud servers, reseller hosting and shared hosting (with domain Control Panel). Over 2500 registered domain clients are satisfied walking with us. 

E-Commerce Solutions:

E-commerce has become a very popular business service as it enables both the sellers and buyers to buy or sell through web pages. e-Soft facilitates its clients to get easy access to their customers with their products and services, and enables them to receive online payments. e-Soft also provides consultancy to its clients to enhance the business growth and to keep pace with the changing business trends in the era of e-commerce.

Doc Soft (Patient Management Software):

We have developed patient management software names Doc Soft which is more user-friendly, faster and modern for Doctors and Patients. Large numbers of doctors use this software from BIRDEM, Dhaka Medical College.

Journal Management System (JMS):

Journals Management System (JMS) is a journal management and publishing system that has been developed by e-Soft in order to expand and improve access to research. JMS assists with every stage of the refereed publishing process, from submissions through to online publication and indexing. Through its management systems, it’s finely grained indexing of research, and the context it provides for research, JMS seeks to improve both the scholarly and public quality of referred research.


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