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A website can be permanent earnings throughout of your life

We always say, two income earnings online. One, job and two, business. We can do both jobs and businesses online like our real life. And today you will talk to you about a permanent investment online that you can eat while sitting on your own life. Yes, such an investment is a website. A website can be your permanent earning lifetime. Let's see how?

At the beginning, little know, why people make the website?

A website is online identity of any of your organizations. All companies, companies, schools, colleges, etc. have websites in their names so that they can be found on the Internet and people can easily know about their services or services. These websites are mainly the institutional websites.

But outside of the institutional website there are also many more websites that are private or business. These types of websites are usually subject to various tips, tricks, ideas, entertainment, news etc. You can call these as a non-institutional website. These types of websites are usually either sitting in socks or, for long-term business.

For example, what is the biggest technology site in Bangla today? Of course, tectonics. It's not an institutional website, it's a technology-related website or blog where different people or writers share their knowledge of technology. By this, thousands of people enter the tectonics every day to learn various subjects. Then Tecton is a non-institutional website.

In the same way if you can establish such a website and bring it to the right place, you can continue your life through this website if you are intelligent.

How can I earn from a website or blog?

Initially, there is a good confusion with the website or blog among the newcomers. In fact, blogs are a type of website that is written on regular topics. It could be that no matter what. And the website is a kind of site where there is no change, or where there is no written communication. It is possible to earn income from the website or blog, because it is possible. Let's move forward.

There are many ways to earn from websites / blogs. Below are a few of the methods discussed below:

1. Income from advertising: If you have good traffic on your website (traffic is a visitor or a person who will visit your website) then you can show the advertisements of other companies on your website and earn from there.

For example, we often see different advertisements of different products on different websites of different websites. You can earn by displaying these advertisements on the website. The company that will display advertisements on your website will pay you a specific price to display their ads on your website.

2. Selling Your Own Products: If your website becomes popular and has good traffic every day, then you can place a product made of your own, and from there you can get a good sale for your product. However, this is only possible if you have a product you have created. This is not possible if you do not have any products to sell.

3. Affiliate Marketing Revenue: Affiliate Marketing is like a salesman. Here, you have to sell the products of different companies and every time you sell any other product from another company, you will be commissioned from the sale money. If you want you can do this national marketing on your website. Many people in our country are affiliate marketing by blogging or blogging. So you can earn by doing this work.

4. Email compilation: We all downloaded books, songs, videos etc. at a fairly low net. However, when you download books or movies from different websites sometimes we ask for our email address. If we give email address then let us download it. But why this is why, the email address that wants to download sites? This is because the email address you give when downloading the song will be preserved on that website. In this way, the person's e-mail address will be available to download the song.
In this way, I got an email of 1000 people to the website owner. Now he can sell that 1000 email addresses to different email marketers. Because, for most email marketing, the list of active email addresses is needed later. For this, different email marketers buy e-mail addresses for their own marketing. And if you have a website and you can collect email address like this, you can also earn by selling these email addresses.

But the main thing is that if there is no traffic or visitor on the website then there is no profit. Because the site is not a visitor, no one will not advertise on the site. And so any website will be your source of income only when your site becomes popular and a lot of people visit your site every day. But at this stage a lot of hard work and patience is needed to bring a website.

So what did you decide? What do you do? Website or blog?

Many people are confused whether to do website or blog. But the reason for this is not the difference between these two. Actually there is not much difference between blogs and websites. Blog is a website where different authors can publish their writing. And all the blogs are called a website. So since personal business or advertising is being generated from the purpose of our website, so in my opinion, the best reason for building a blog site is that you can write here regularly and get regular visitors to read new ones.


Moreover, blogging is a very popular context of the current time. Through it, various authors could spread his writing to the whole world. However, no one wants to misuse it.

What about creating website / blog?

In fact, the biggest problem that happens in the first case is that it can not find any topic to blog? The main reason for this is hustle. When we read an encouraging writing or because I hear the story of success, I think that I will be able to work harder for it. Yes, that's the best idea. But our main problem is we are
We can not try to be patient, we all need instant or immediate. And for this we have nothing to do with the end. And so because your blog or website is not for a day or two, since it does not make any decisions for the entire life so that you can create a website. Imagine, see, listen, understand, then decide what do you do and why and how?

Some tips on choosing blogs or websites

The following tips can help you choose blogs or site topics-

You can create a website that you know well and on any topic that is your interest. You can start by writing about why you know it. Share your own knowledge It does not matter what it is, if it is quality, then it can be categorized in all matters. There are many people who make a lot of their friends on the website, earning thousands of dollars per month from there.

You can apply the topic of your study to the website. For example, you are a student of Business Management. If you want, you can practice regular writing on business related topics. Enter your site every day, if not possible, at least one tune per week. Try what it is interesting and people or visitors can learn something new to read it. If you are writing this way, you will get a permanent visitor who will visit your site regularly.

But in this case, do not ever get into a hejetation, what will I write, how will someone choose? You write what you know. Once you write, you can make your blog popular. The more you write, the more interesting your writing will be. Once the blog becomes popular, you can invite other authors and invite them to write your blog. And even if other bloggers start writing on your blog then only in success! Then hope you do not have to return.

In this way, if you can make a site, you can build your website as a permanent income source by adopting the above mentioned methods along with advertising.

How long does it take to run a website fully / successful?

Actually there is no correct answer. But it can be said that if you can work very hard, it can be possible to bring your site to a position within 6-7 months. But in less than a few times many people have been able to bring their site to a good level. Again, there are many who can not make any development in the site within two years. So the whole thing is up to you. If you can work the right way then your website may be your golden egg puck.


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