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Website design and development: a new era of business opportunities.

Website design and development: a new era of business opportunities.

Once there was a very little use of the technology in our country. People suffered a lot to find their expected products & services at rationale price in time. Most of the times, they had to spend longer period of time & required to go far distance for their desired products & services. But at this present age, it has become fairy tale with technological advancement. People from all walks of life can purchase anything from any corner of the country from any part of the world via internet with the help of websites and e-commerce sites. It cannot be denied that a website is an inevitable part to create the bridge between a consumer and a seller. Hence all the companies are making a significant investment to develop, update and maintain their website nowadays. A business can merely be thought of without a website.
The age of digitization and dynamic growth of IT sector in Bangladesh is contributed a lot to gear up the necessity of websites in all business fields. Many business entrepreneurs of our country are getting involved with the IT sector. A person owing to a PC having some spare times can easily make some extra earnings for him. This is another reason for which the IT sector is getting expanded. Website & e-commerce site design in Bangladesh is a very popular job for all. Like many other companies, e-Soft is continuously striving to create new dimensions to design & develop quality website & e-commerce site in Bangladesh.n Bangladesh

Why do you choose e-Soft as your IT associates?

•    Enabled Highly Insightful Services
E-Soft has enabled highly insightful services including Mobile Apps develpoment, Web design & Website development, Website maintenance, Web based application, Domain Registration & Hosting services, E-commerce solutions, Corporate webmail solution, Software Development including Doc Soft (Patient Management Software), Journal Managment System (JMS) for small, medium and corporate level business organizations in information Technology field since 2004, having a great exposure in the market.
With 1500+ website, 3500+ registered domain and 80+ running application, 250+ Mobile Apps and for other related support, e-soft is going to be one of the leading Web Solution Companies in Bangladesh. We also provide ERP Solutions which contains Student information system, Accounting, Asset management, Payroll, Inventory management, Provident Fund Management and many more for small & Mid-level organizations, Group of companies, Multinational companies and different institutes.
•    Committed to Timely Technical Support
e-Soft belongs to a very passionate & efficient support team to provide our clients with the technical support they are longing for. If any technical problem occurs, they fix it in the shortest possible time to avoid any hindrances to business activities of the clients.
•    Creative Team
e-Soft believes in team work and on any circumstances, a team can be significantly more creative than any individual team member and is often better able to push creative ideas through the implementation process we developed. Our creative team is very passionate to visualize the clients’ project in such manner that best serves their desired level of expectations to reach the target customers with unique features.
What are the necessary components to develop a professional website?
A professional website plays a vital role to create opportunity and core place for any business operations. It works like the components of a vehicle where any part of the vehicle is damaged; it directly exerts a great influence on the performance of that vehicle. In similar to this, if any part of the website belongs to an error, it will directly effect on its existence. The website performs with the interaction between the components of the website completely separated in space. The whole matter works like a vehicle as said above but the only difference is found in its frame. One can see the frame of the vehicle to fix the problem, but never be able to see the frame of a website.
The following features are available in a website nowadays:
•    A logical Framework:
A website should not only be gorgeous in terms of design, it must be helpful to the users. Immediately you choose a server or type an HTML tag, you must figure out the external design of your website and how you want to visualize your website. It’s very important for the user experience as well as for the SEO issue. As you know Google filters the rank of the websites considering the contents and structure of the companies. So, you have to decide and reinvestigate framework of your website by an expert before you inaugurate the process of a website design & development in Bangladesh.
•    Availability of Business Information:
One of the basic issues regarding website design in Bangladesh is that web developers are merely concerned with the petty details that are necessary to add to the website. For instance, if one is preparing a website for a restaurant, it’s necessary to add food menu, location tag in map, food images etc. These are that information that provides the customer with a wide knowledge about business operations. e-Soft is widely renowned for its flawless and glamorous website design in Bangladesh.
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