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E-commerce website development Company in Bangladesh

E-commerce website development Company in Bangladesh

People use to go to the market or a particular shop to chooses their. But now days a we can order from Bangladesh  via internet and the product is made in New Zealand  and delivered by China. E-bay, amazon, alibaba and many other online ecommerce sites are altering the usual shopping system. So if you want to reach to the global market within one click you have to have a ecommerce site for all of your product.
E-commerce has become a very popular business service as it enables both the sellers and buyers to buy or sell through web pages. e-Soft facilitates its clients to get easy access to their customers with their products and services, and enable them to receive online payments. e-Soft also provides consultancy to its clients to enhance the business growth and to keep pace with the changing business trends in the era of e-commerce.
Product Catalogue Management
❏ Approve, Edit and Delete Product Stock
❏ Add product image
❏ Approve, Edit and Delete Product Reviews
❏ Related items
❏ Customer can buy products online by  credit cards or bkash or any kind of payment or Cash on delivery
❏ Shipping method : store collection or regular shipping
❏ Add to Wishlist and Compare Functions (email when available in Stock)
❏ Send to a Friend with Email and Share Buttons for different Social Media
❏ Unlimited attributes groups (sizes, colors, models)
❏ Unlimited products combinations (red, size XL)
❏ Multiple pictures per product
❏ Zoom and thick box on products pictures
❏ Choice of number of products per page
❏ Sort products by relevance, price
❏ Manufacturers, brands management
❏ Inventory Management with Backordered items, Minimum and Maximum quantities
❏ Search Results, rewrites and redirects
❏ Customer Sort
Customer Management System:
❏ Customer’s registration, and personal accounts
❏ Login option with Facebook or Google+ or separate registration
❏ Account verification by SMS
❏ Forgotten passwords recovery
❏ Purchase History
❏ Loyalty system (points)
❏ Customers having not ordered on a configured delay follow up
❏ Email alerts for clients about a product replenishment
❏ Order management by admin
❏ Orders monitoring by email
❏ Order Confirmation by SMS
❏ Delivery tracking and status shown to the customer
❏ Enable Admin to manage discount/offer/Coupon Code
❏ Enable Customers view their orders in their panel
❏ Customizable Orders status
❏ In case of products is out of stock, customers can express their wish
❏ Returns management and Quality Check up (QC) status while in repair
❏ Addition of returned products into stock
❏ PDF invoices, slips and delivery slips
❏ Refunds with automatic slip
❏ Followed Searches
❏ Visits and visitors
❏ Orders and sales
❏ Profit and loss statement
❏ Customer's accounts, customer's profiles
❏ Products statistics
❏ Searches in the shop
❏ Statistics per affiliate
❏ Pages not found management
❏ Keywords searched via search engines
❏ Complete integration with Google Analytics
❏ Secure Back-Office access (login and password)
❏ SSL compatibility (Depends on client requirements)
❏ Unique tokens in Back Office and Front Office
❏ PCI DSS compliant
❏ Resistance to attacks as XSS, CSRF, SQL injections, distant inclusions, path transversal
❏ E-mail headers injections blocked
❏ Passwords encryption in database
❏ Cookies encryption
❏ Block repeated attempts to recover passwords
❏ Multiple users management and permissions (ACL)
❏ Maintenance mode
❏ IP authorization to reach the shop in maintenance mode
❏ Content management system
❏ Bulk lister - import CSV file
❏ Sub domain management
❏ Database backup (partial or full)
❏ Automatic generation of robots.txt files
❏ SMTP e-mails sending (with or without SSL-TLS) or PHP mail ()
❏ Products indexation for an optimized search
SMS and Email Integration
● Buyer gets when order placed successfully
● Admin gets when payment completed.
● As admin requirement
● Product Ledger
● Party Ledger
● Income Statement
● Trial Balance
● Sales Report
● SMS report
● Product Store
● Home page
● Contact
● Help - Warranty Policy, Returns and Replacement, FAQ, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy
● Live Chat
● The website must be mobile friendly,
● Pictures loaded quickly
● User friendly
● e-Commerce site looks good – and function properly – across platforms and mobile devices
● e-Commerce site is to be felt credible and trustworthy.
● Easier  to navigate the site to enable visitors to find what they’re looking for with minimal clicks.
● Easy to upload original photos with helpful product descriptions.
● Feature with customer reviews – and make it easy for customers to leave reviews
● Checkout is very fast and easy
Technical Features:
❏ html, css
❏ PHP framework: Codeigniter
❏ JavaScript & Ajax
❏ Photoshop
❏ Database: MySQL
Payment Procedure:
•    Client must pay 50% in advance & rest 50% after the delivery of services.
•    Payment should be made through cheque or cash in favor of "E-SOFT"
Bank Information:
Account Name : E-SOFT
Account No. : 164-110-721
Name of Bank : Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd.
Branch Name : Mirpur-10 Circle
bKash Payment:
•    Personal No : 01912141414



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