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What is Domain and web site hosting

Domain Registration:

Domain registration can be compared to leasing space for your office building. Through this, the name (domain name) for your website is allocated. Usually it is allocated for one year, it is to be renewed before the expiry of time, or any other person can apply for the same name again. The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages these domain names. CANN can guarantee that every domain name unique and a unique IP address has been allocated. You will register your domain name through which the company is called to them as registrar. Fees and services of different companies can be different, but the same fees are usually very few. The name of the website you want to create, the registrar company will first search in the online database that the name has been allocated to anyone else. Only you can get this name if you are not allocated to anyone. At the time of registration, you have to give your full name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, which is stored in WHOIS (who is) database. Note that these information is open to everyone and can damage your privacy. Anyone can see this information if you want. Although, currently the spyware and software robot are prevented by the value of the image, it does not guarantee privacy. Many registrars work as proxies in exchange for a small fee to avoid this problem. If you take any such service carefully read their terms and conditions. Be sure to have two more things, who will be in control of your registration during the domain name registration? Many registrars control their own domain name, which is not mandatory. Also, if you want to take the website under another registrar, then please know about the conditions and fees of such a service. Because you may have to go to another registrar for better service. Your webpage will be free for a few hours within a few hours of registration. Your registrar will usually place a dummy page. Your webpage should be hosted now. Many registrars also offer hosting services, but you can do this through any other company. ICANN recommends domain name registration through their designated registrars. They guarantee minimum quality. e-Soft is the best Domain Registration company in Bangladesh, Mirpur, Uttra, DOSH, Banani, Dhanmondi, Motijhil, Jatrabari.

What is web site hosting?

The website is one of the most popular and easy-to-use information for anyone else. Today's computer users are only aware of the website. Simply put, website is the way to present your information to others - that text or multimedia (such as photos, audio or video) can be of any kind. The web developer's work of nicely enhancing them on the website. And your website is known as Web Hosting, making it useful for others. If your website is compared to your organization's office building, its information or content will be its furniture. Developing websites can be compared to building the house. In that case, website hosting can be compared with buying a place for your office building and building a house in that place. Only then visitors can be happy to use the website.

Bandwidth Amount:

 The best thing to look for when hosting a website is to give you the bandwidth of the month. Here Bandwidth refers to the amount of time that users can download data from the website. The bandwidth calculation allows you to do very easily. Let's say, every webpage has a text size of 3 KB (KB) and a graphics size of 10 KB (kilobytes) per day, on an average, 100 visitors visit 3 pages each day. However, the total bandwidth required = (3 KB + 10 KB) * 100 * 3 * 30 = 1,17,000 KB (KB) = 114.26 MB (MB), you must buy more bandwidth than the proportional calculation. You will know how much to pay in future if you want to buy more bandwidth. Today, however, many web hosting companies provide unlimited bandwidth. In that case, know about their server's maximum bandwidth capability and load.

Web server uploads the website

 The web hosting company that hosts your website, will give you a useful user name and password for it. Then you can do this using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). To make this work easier, there are many other software, which are commonly known as Web Builders. Many hosting companies and domain name providers give it free or you can use online. You can also view the preview before publishing the website

Database server

 Most of the websites are using a database server. As a result, it is easier to keep information, find out, search. In many cases, the database is the main, websites just display data. Your web hosting company must support that database system you use. The most popular database management system (DBMS) includes MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 etc. Before designing and hosting the website, decide who to use as a database management system. Because it also involves the use of scripping languages and the web server's operating system.

Shared or Dedicated Type Server

 Basically there are two types of hosting services - shared and dedicated. There is a huge difference in price and performance here. For shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on the same web server. The result is much lower. But the storage capacities and bandwidth all share. Because, a server handles all the visitors to all the websites. If your website's visitor number is below 1,000, then you can opt for such services. Another type of service is dedicated hosting. In this case, only one website will be hosted on a web server. As a result, it is possible to use full power of storage, CPE and network. It's quite expensive. Each month costs a minimum of 80 to 100 dollars.

Control Panel:

 You should definitely know about the control panel when hosting a web page. Through this, you can easily make different settings of web hosting accounts. Through this, you can easily make different settings of web hosting accounts. Through this, you can find various statistics on the website, enable database management. You can configure and manage sub-domains, email accounts. Through this, you can find various statistics on the website, enable database management. You can configure and manage sub-domains, email accounts. Generally, all web host providers provide control panel access to their users. There are many control panel software, three popular among them are CPanel, Ensim and Plesk. CPanel is the most popular and most of the web hosting providers use it.

Useful Information and Addresses

It is important to know some information related to it, whether you have your personal or company's website through a domain registration firm or web hosting company. Because, at any given time if the firm is locked or changes the business, then your website will lose control, after one year it will be lost if you do not renew the IP address. Your website will be lost as well. Again, if you are not satisfied with the service of your web hosting company, you also need to know the information. Depend on your domain name to an administrator and register it. This is the most powerful administrator in all the domain names related. To ensure the unique name of the domain name, its physical address, whois database has the ability to change its address, email, and telephone number, all this type of work is done on an administrator. Therefore, domain registration and web hosting must know its counterfeit address. This administrator will manage your domain name that is managed on the server. Responsibility for the nameserver's constant security, modification, configuration. Nobody can access your website when your name server crashes. Therefore, to address any problems related to this, you need to know the address.


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