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How to expand your business delivering the products to the target clients through website (Part: 1)

How to expand your business delivering the products to the target clients through website Part-1

In the age of information technology or age of digitization, it can be said that there is no person who does not know about the website. As per statistics of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) reported on April 2012 & at the end of the month of March 2016, the number of internet users in the country has stood at 62.22 million. Now the number of people has increased a lot. As a matter of fact, people are now completely dependent on information technology.

Now people mostly buy their expected products through the website. If you want to expand your business in this technology-based world, you definitely need to connect your organization with this world. The website is the largest and most admired customer based platform.

You may be wondered thinking why your organization needs a website. Read the details & you will have a great opportunity to expand your business using the website which you may not have thought of well.

First of all, you need to know what the website is. As a digital person of the current Information Technology era, it is supposed to me that you all know what the website is. (So ​​do not want to know more about it, if you want to know more, search Google)

Now learn how the website will help you to reach your target clients by expanding your business. Well, have you noticed a little earlier I told you to search Google for a website? The exact same thing is now the biggest example; it is a big proof of how much we depend on the Internet. Nowadays any of us seeking any information, we first of all search through the Internet.

Just look at the consumer or your target clients of your business, while reading this article; just imagine how much your clients are dependent or how they relied on the internet?

I can tell you the answer that lays inside your imagination, like most of the current people, your clients are too much Internet-based. What did I do right?

Think of yourself, if you go to a completely unknown place where you do not know anything, what will you do first? Do not you search the internet?

Again if you want to know about an organization, you will confirmedly want to know about it using the internet for sure. Everything you need like finding a good doctor with the location or buying good clothes, you can find them visiting the respective website sitting at home.

You do not mind giving time to social media (Facebook, Instagram) even during your busy day. So why do you assume your clients differently from yourself? They are also web-based, like your own. Well, ask yourself a few questions and answer them yourself. Suppose you are an internet user and you want to buy a new laptop computer. Do not you first search through the internet? Do not you visit the websites of different brands?

Of course, not only you but also any person will browse through the internet first of all. Again, you want to take help from a consultancy firm or you want to hire them in some works. Well, I said to you, "I have such a company and you can hire us." When you get a proposal from me, won’t you search my company to verify the authenticity first of all? If you do not find my company on the web after searching through the internet, will you hire me? Of course, no one will do it. Just like if your client search your company and does not find it on the web, can he trust you? You have already received the answer. This is an example enough to mean the importance of the website.

Now it is required to know how you will reach your products to the client through the website.

Suppose you have a business of electronics, and on a website you have described your entire products and business details very nicely. If any client wants to know from Feni, what is the best electronics store in Feni and whether there is an expected product, the client will search on the web and your website will easily reach him and will give him complete idea about the product. Then the client will be convinced surely.

How many people are not currently using Facebook? Everyone in this present age use Smart phones and Facebook. Your organization certainly maintains a page on facebook undoubtedly. You can add the link of your website on that page so that your target client can reach your product easily.

In a word, a website can expand your business more, & even more profitable beyond your expectation. Beside all of this, you can reach your business concern and products to your clients through website.

The present situation says that all of us will be completely dependent on the internet or web platforms very soon. That’s why, make your organization's website without delay in order to ensure the sustainability in this competitive market by which your business will be expanded and your products & organizations will easily be reached to the target clients.

As long as you develop your website, you will go ahead of your competitors. Remember that if you do delay, they will be ahead of you.

Keep in mind, "Marketing is a challenge and a game of intelligence. And in this game, the organization will be ahead of competitors who will be able to analyze their weaknesses and take necessary measures accordingly."

Now you have the opportunity to do marketing by utilizing information technology, why would you lose? You may miss the opportunity but your competitors will not miss the opportunity surely.

I am sure that you can understand the necessity of the website for your business and you have decided not to delay to develop a website for your organization and will be preceded to the competition.

If you make this decision, you are waiting for the next post, because you will learn how you can make your website interesting and much more.

May your business expand more, be more profitable and reach the target you set out through website. Wishing your grand success, I am putting an end to my writings for today. Hope to be with you very soon.



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