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Guide line of creating a web site | e-Soft | Web Design Company in Dhaka

Domain Name Selection:

You must take a domain name when you create a web site. This means that the name of the address bar will be clicked by the same website. The name of the domain name is either false or false. That means if you want to create a professional site you must choose a unique name. Just do not have the name empty, you have to add more things to it. Such as:

1. You will find that the name of the domain will be searched by Google in the same name as a Facebook page, Google Plus page, Twitter account, YouTube account etc. If not, then that name is not good.

2. Avoid using hyphen or hyacinth in the name of the word "daemon".

3. If you can take the name of the 7/8 characters in the name of the word, then the better. Do not get bigger.

4. Do not take domain names that are complex spellings in English. Visitors can not remember the names easily. Writing your site name will go wrong and go to another site.

5. Have a domain name and refrain from taking the domain names around it. For example www.facebook.com has taken you www.esoft.com.bd or www.e-soft.com.bd

6. Try to name the name of the word 'nice' or 'sound' or whatever words we use all the time to get the domain name.

7. Buy domain names in accordance with the type of site you want to create.

Buying hosting:

What is most needed after the domain is hosting. Hosting is the site that you create, all the scripts, files and places to keep the necessary materials, or you have to visit the website that your visitor has to spend some KB. This is called bandwidth. There are a lot of things that are hosted by hosting. Do not say anything else to hosting, because most people know what it is. If someone does not know about it, then let them know. Try to explain the details.

Which hosting Should be taken, how much will buy !!!

We will usually share hosting for the site that we would normally create. And the price is very low. If someone wants to get a little better speed or better service, they can take VPS. Generally, this will not be easy enough if we have 1 GB space. But it is good to take a little more bandwidth. The increase in bandwidth will increase as the visitor increases. You will see some things. For example, how many subdomains you can create, how many databases will be created. Etc.

Information Collection

Do you want to create a site for work. Blog sites, personal information sites, business sites, portfolios sites etc. Which one do you want to make. Collect anatomical information about what you create. For example, if business site is business related information, school information related to school, etc.

Site development

This is the start of web site development work. Keep in mind some things in the case of site development. Such as:

1. Make a nice logo on the website. Use it in the psyche.

2. Use the background of the site to create a background so that the site is beautifully flowing. But do not use any color in the background that looks more eye-catching than the bright color.

3. Do not keep the font of the font smaller. Visitors will use a size that does not have any dimension to wear. The font color black is good.

4. Try to beautify the theme's outlook. So that visitors can get peace by soaking.

5. Make sure the vigator is able to hold more shots or come back. For example, add RSS feeds. Place a similar post or a highly read post link at the side bar and page / post. Also give the necessary links on the side bar.

6. Adsense on the site means adsense or something else. However, do not advertise additional drawings. Advertise the ads and use them in the right place.

Web Security:

The security of the website is absolutely necessary in the current situation. If not, you can win a hat at any time.


SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the search engines in the site of many sites in search engines. If we search Google by writing anything, we can see that there are a lot of results, in the first 2/3 pages, we find the sites we find. SEO is the SEO site of the site, the search engine will bring your site first before the visitor will see more. This is basically SEO work.

Also do some more work. For example, the name of the site is exactly the same as a Facebook page, a page on Google Plus, a Twitter account, and also open the account of the same name in more social networks.

Thanks for visiting the guide line for now. Hopefully it will benefit the newcomers.


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