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How to find out web hosting companies

How to find out web hosting companies

The website is one of the major mediums in the field of information technology. Its use is not only in the city but also in remote areas of Bangladesh. The use of the web is far more than ever. Apart from this, web applications, web portals, social networks, e-commerce and many other types of web-making and using the web.Web hosting is the main driving force behind creating web based solutions. In Bangladesh, there are different government-owned websites including schools, colleges, business organizations, and different hosting services companies. In many cases it can be seen, because of not knowing themselves, buying any type of hosting does not know about the need to fulfill their needs.
 This is why we are taking hosting, but the next time it is seen that the demand for the consumer is not being met. Many times, many people are not buying the hosting at a lot of price. Someone else signed a contract with the hosting company, without the hope of getting a good service at a little bit and later problems. To solve these problems, we will now try to explain in detail about hosting. If you are not aware of any work, you may find that you spend a lot of unnecessary costs on hosting.

What is a domain name?
Domain name is a URL that is universal resource locator, which refers to a website as a single name. It is always the owner's own property.
 Any domain name starts with www, which helps to find the server and .com .net .edu etc. extension. This is to understand what kind of work the domain is used for. There are currently more than 280 domain extensions, including com-commercial, edu-education, net-networking etc. all over the world. Our country has its own extension. Such as .bd, it will be used only as an extension of Bangladesh.
There is a separate organization for domain name control in the world. Its name is ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Namebers). In the current world, the number of 78,23,7780 people in the US using the largest number of domains.
What is hosting / web hosting?
Many of the hosting we call web hosting too. Web hosting is a straightforward word, where you can organize the web files you create. If necessary, you can sit back anywhere through the Internet.
Hosting in technical language is the hard disk space of a computer, which we call the server. In the empty part of it, we organize our information so that anyone can browse the information later through internet collaboration. This is what we call website browsing. There are different types of hosting services in the world.

Case Study-1

Some one is looking for a web hosting company to host their association website. Its main task is to gather all the members of the association and later all of them to share all the information of the organization through group e-mail.
But at the next time, when 600 people were going to e-mail the group together, they could not get so many mails together. Because, there is no scope to send more than 150 e-mails in one hour to the package. And if you want to send e-mails to the server at the same time, there is no technical advantage. Meanwhile, the person bought the hosting space for two years and was forced to transfer the hosting to another company within one month for two years' money.

Case Study-2
A businessman named Nazrul Islam bought a domain four years ago for his organization from a reputable institution in Bangladesh. The domain was renewed for three consecutive years. But in the fourth year, the price of domain hosting has been doubled. He failed to reduce prices and asked to give the domain control panel, but many did not give any benefit to the darbars - they could not renew the necessary domain names later.Because, the company said directly to the domain that the control panel will not provide The person does not know whether to take any legal action in this regard. So be careful.

Case Study-3
Anisul Huq is the head of an educational institute. A website and Webmail were running in the name of its organization for almost five years. When I came to renew the domain and hosting in the sixth year, the company could not be found. Contacted the previous address. Contacted the old e-mail. But in the end it can be known that the company sold all the goods and went abroad. Domaine had no control in his hand. So the domain is closed next time. So be careful.
Our learning point here is that we need to understand our needs well beforehand. It is good to see all hosting offers offered by the hosting company. This is a common experience for hosting a small website. Think about what happens when you want to buy more complex types of hosting. If you are not careful, you will see that you are spending unnecessary money for hosting.
There is a lot of understanding. Many companies offer a very good server at a very good price. So you have to be aware of yourself first, then know better, what is taking.
We will Share the details of the hosting server, how to take the hosting server, how to manage the hosting server, etc. in the next phase.



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