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What is web design? Why learn? What to learn How do you work?

What is web design?

Web design means to look at a website or to determine its general appearance. As a web designer, your work will be a complete website template. For example, what would be its layout. Whether there are menus in the headers, whether the sidebar should be displayed, how to display images, etc. In other words, web designer's job is to determine how information and information will be displayed, without worrying about what the information about the website will be and where it will be stored. And to design this design, we need to use some programming, scripting language and markup language.

Why learn web design?

Instead of asking such questions in our country, 'I will learn something' or 'I will be able to do any work' rather than say 'how to earn easily' or 'how much money will i earn to learn it'. Think of those who earn income or how they will earn overnight, not to have web design for them. Although web design is actually one of the high earning profession, but if you want to keep your mind on the issue of income, then I will the web design is not for you. Web Design, Graphic Design or Programming This type of profession is for those who want to do something creative and find themselves within their own work. As web design is clumsy in programming and programming, it is not possible to do programming without addiction and programming, so such work is only for those who feel attracted to this work. But after learning the reality, you can earn good income from any other profession.

What to learn?

Website Design is based on a variety of languages and scripts depending on various perspectives, and initially it is used by using Photoshop. The most widely used of these are discussed below.

HTML: HTML is a markup language. Browser is a site viewer that can be viewed with HTML. It's not a programming language, but it's much easier than any programming. It is so easy that any ordinary person who does not want to learn the programming, can also learn HTML in the face of laughter.

CSS: This is also a markup language. It determines how the content of the browser will be displayed by HTML HTML. That is, how big the text of the text would be. How many places will be left beside them. What is the distance from one writing to another, its color will be what the background will be, even the latest CSS3 content can be animated and added.

JavaScript / jquery / jquery: These two are basically somewhat closer to the programming language. Basically, the work of two things is the same, but jquery is a form of javascript that makes javascript usage very easy on site. And their job is to make the site interactive. That is, the visitor will click on a button to open the menu. Or submitting a form will show the confirmation message etc. In order to start working, these skills will be able to use skills and practical skills in some languages. But there is an ongoing process of such work experience. To learn a lot more new things, you need to make yourself more professional, more qualified web designers.

Where do you work?

Thousands of freelance marketplace web designs and front-end-web development work are available, and competing in such tasks is comparatively less, but demand is more. So easy to get work and the cost of such work is also high.





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