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How to find out the web hosting company

Episode-2: How to find out the web hosting company

In today's episode I will share the details of the hosting server, how to take the hosting server, how to manage the hosting server, etc.


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Hosting server details

Dedicated servers and shared servers: Before you take the server, you have to decide which type of server you need. There are advantages and disadvantages in both cases. For sharing and hosting, server space and other resources will be shared with others. But your place and access facility will be in your hands. Server hardware also has the same type. The price is much lower than Shared and Hosting Dedicated Servers. For dedicated hosting, you can use all the resources, including bandwidth, on server space alone. Dedicated servers are used only for big apps and those websites that require a lot of resources. On the other hand sharing shared resources for others, the activities of the server slow down, and in the case of visits, it has to be seated with a single click. If you already know that the application does not require much resources, you can come to shared hosting. In the case of a dedicated server, the organization can configure its facilities, including security backup, as its own. This type of server is required especially in large applications including ERP, CMS. These places require a lot of resources. On the other hand shared hosting is required for small apps and website hosting. There is no need for data security. Therefore, any company should take a shared or dedicated server plan based on its application.


Virtual Private Server: VPS or Virtual Private Server is a very modern and elegant alternative. It is a service between shared and dedicated servers. VPS can be made in its own way and you can access both hardware and software in both places. You can install any software for your own needs. VPS is needed for those who want the same benefits as the dedicated server in low cost. Before taking this service, you need to know the hardware very well.

Managed and unmanaged server: When you take VPS / dedicated hosting, you must check the server's configuration. If you control the server manually then all responsibilities will be in your hands. Vendor will take necessary hardware, bandwidth and cooling system. There will be the necessary operating system facility. Subsequently, all applications, including the application of the server, will be on their own head.

For such unmanaged service, it takes a good team to look after the server. To protect them, most data centers now offer managed servers. In this case, there are some additional costs to be copied with the main server. So if you do not have the expert man to manage the server, then it is better to have a managed server. Managed service offers server security, data backup and all types of support. Unmanaged server is a need for an organization that has skilled manpower, but wants to work with remote control without leaving the server in the office and leaving the data center. It is also cheaper than the managed server.


How to find the best hosting company for yourself? Before choosing the hosting company, there are some things to remember, which is very much needed for you.

Response Time: In this case two areas must be kept in mind. Latency and server response time. If your application runs only for Bangladesh, then it will take longer time for hosting on American-based servers. Server Response Time is most likely to be shared with shared hosting. Visiting multiple visitors together reduces the speed of the server. But there is nothing to do at that time. On the other hand, if a dedicated server is available, the resources can be increased at any time. Before hosting shared hosting for this, the hosting provider company should ask, what kind of website / app-cation is already hosted on the server.

Support and Feedback: When you go to hosting your website, support is a big issue:


01. How much is the server uptime guarantee

0. Whether there is 24/7 support, 16-17 hours are supported for Bangladeshi companies.

03. Be sure to talk to some people who are taking services from that company.

04. Need to look through online forums in different forums, whether there is any opinion about them.


Reliability: This is a very important aspect. Before that company will know about how many years the company has been in the market. How many of them are familiar, especially in Bangladesh many companies open their business for a while and then go off again. As a result, you have to face extreme danger.


Flexibility: You have preferred hosting after a fairly many homework, but after upgrading to the next, all the alternatives were seen. For this reason, as well as choosing the hosting plan, it is also good to see how much the cost will be spent on changing the plan. Because, there is no downtime available if the same server increases the convenience. Many people have to pay more money later on due to not seeing these things well during the purchase of hosting.


Bandwidth: Most hosting companies offer more bandwidth. Most of Bangladesh's companies do such work. For example: 100 mega hosting sites 100 gb bandwidth. Some prices are very low, it is nothing but a mere show. Because, all servers have limited bandwidth, so it is not possible to get this amount bandwidth at any such cost.

In this case, you will first need to know what kind of website application will be run and how the visitor can be downloaded, whether there are any files that can be downloaded. Because, there are a lot of your hosting space, but if your bandwidth is low or there are less uploads or downloads, then your site will be down.


Make your own server: Many companies offer many types of servers in the market. If you do not meet your needs, you can make server configuration yourself.


Technical issues of the server: All web hosting companies offer themselves well and through various packages. But after availing the hosting package, everyone avoids one thing. That is how the technical capacities and configurations of the server you are hosting, these things must be thoroughly understood.


Operating System: The type of operating system hosting you buy depends on the type of scripts the website will develop. If php is mysql, then you can take the hosting of Linux server. You can also use Ruby, Python, Flash, and other programs on this server. RHEL (RedHat LinuxAx Enterprise) is used for the operating system. You can also use Stos, Ubuntu, Fedora etc. If the Web application is either ASP or ASP.NET, then you have to use Windows Server. Windows 2003 or 2008 and database MS SQL for the operating system will be used.


Hardware: Server hardware should be liked in such a way that in the next 12 months the hardware is not to be expanded. There are a few things to look forward to, which match your needs, such as-processing power, RAW, whether hardware has different hardware for backup, whether it is bandwidth, and hardware can be expanded.


Geographical area: The price of the server is much more fluctuating in the area. If the website is for Bangladesh, then you can host it in Bangladesh. But very few companies in Bangladesh offer hosting services. However, the website of Bangladesh made 30 percent lower than the United States or UK. That means the website will be open soon.


Bandwidth: If you have bandwidth according to your needs, then you will have to look at what kind of policy it will be to increase the next time.


IP address: All servers have different IP or Internet protocols. The server has to look at several IP addresses. Because, a large IP address is required for large SEO and SSL.


Control Panel: For Linux, the C panel is currently the most popular, as well as the PaySock Control Panel for Windows Server. Noteworthy, if you do not understand the hosting beforehand, but you have to pay a separate fee for the control panel.


Support and Bill: Support is a big issue. After taking the server, if you have to pay a separate bill for support, you are really in danger. Find out how many hours and how many hours a week will help. Bills are often given 12 months bills for a long time and good discounts are available. So it should be noted also in this regard.


Data Center: There are countless data centers around the world. Most of them are in America. Such as host grator, liquid web, buost, the planet etc. Many people in our country use the Host Greater and the Liquid Web server. These data centers run the server up to millions. Hostging companies are hosting hosting services in Bangladesh, and they have to hire a server from these data centers. Some of the top-ranking hosting providers in Bangladesh include Arifite, E-Soft, Technobody, eCarsoft etc. The domain and hosting you are taking today, later it may be the foundation of your business. So everyone should keep an eye on the above issues.




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