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Innovative and Creative Aspects of Blood Donors Database.

Innovative and Creative Aspects of Blood Donors Database.

The project that will be developed is undoubtedly an innovative & creative initiative from the following aspects:
•    There are at least 15000 individual donors, voluntary organizations, groups, clubs and educational institutes working for providing blood from different platforms. This project will bring all of them under the same umbrella so that the blood seeking patients from any corner of the country can easily receive blood as & when required.
•    The information of blood donor regarding mobile phone, email id or any other mode of communication will remain hidden so that women can also involve themselves comfortably with the project. Under this project, blood seeker will submit his/her request after sign up with the system, and an SMS & email notification will be forwarded to the blood donors from the nearest areas. The intended blood donor will contact the blood seeker to donate blood. This project will also enable location/ distance determinant system to help both the blood donors & seekers understand the actual distance between them.  
•    This project will enable the feature of Auto hiding mode of donor. If a donor updates on the system that he or she has donated blood to a particular date, he/she will automatically become hidden for next 3 months & will appear on the system once again after the completion of 3 months.
•    The blood donors will be provided badge for every 5 times blood donation, i.e., 1 star (*) badge for 5 times, 2 star (**) badge for 10 times, and so on. In addition to this, the blood donors will be provided Digital NID Card for blood donation that will give them social recognition adding great honor everywhere. Such cardholder will get preference to get blood for his/her emergency case from the available donors on the system.
•     This project will maintain the complete database of doctors who are specialized in blood related diseases. The patients can confirm their appointment through the system.
•    This project will enable the complete database of those diagnostic centers providing diagnostic support for blood related diseases with their price list so that the patients can compare them and can easily decide where to go.
•    This project will add specialists and consultants on the system so that the patients can get medical support in case of emergency.
•     This project will maintain the blog page for blood related diseases where precautionary measures and all other information will be provided. It will also maintain news page regarding blood. Initially, it will be developed and maintained in English version. But it will also be published in Bangla Version later.
•    This project will enable the database of blood sampling test and DNA Lab across the country by which any one can easily find them from the system as & when required.
•    This project will also maintain a secret group where members of the group can discuss among them regarding blood related or any other diseases to enrich their knowledge.
•    This project will enable cloud based record keeping system where both the blood donors and blood seekers can preserve their all documents of diagnostic reports and prescription for further treatment reference. Every of them will get 1 GB Hosting space in this regard. For extra hosting space, they have to pay Tk.2000 per GB
Considering the aforementioned features, this project can be recognized as innovative and creative one as there is no such system available now.



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