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How to find out the web hosting company

Part 3: How to find out the web hosting company

Today I will Share the comments of Senior Vice President, BASIS, Senior Systems Analyst, BCC, Managing Director, Web Hosting
Interview with Technobid Web Solutions Limited

Special additions: Click on this link to watch the episode (How to Find the Web Hosting Company Episode -2):

How to find out web hosting companies (episode -2)


AKM Fahim Mashroor
Senior Vice President, BASIS (Situated in near Farmgate, Banglamotor, Kawranbazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
What kind of companies should be preferred for web hosting?

There must be a need to verify the company before any web hosting is possible. For example, how long did the company serve. If possible, it can be talked with some people who are taking services. It can be seen, whether it is a member of an association.
Among the popular hosting companies, there are many hosting offers at a nominal price, and many are offering 2-3 types of hosting services. What is your statement in this case?
See, there will be competition in any business in all the businesses and countries of the world. But there customers have to be careful before. Many lucrative offers and low cost hosting of the company, without having to deal with the company, before thoroughly scrutinizing and then buy hosting. Otherwise, the next time you need to be in danger. If you can not understand this, you can take someone's help. Apart from this, there are many tutorials online, from which you can decide which type of hosting you need.

Does BASIS cooperate in finding good hosting companies?

BASIS website provides detailed information about the companies that offer hosting services among our members. Anyone can contact those companies with the necessary information. If there is a problem later, but try to solve the basis.

Tareq Barkatullah
Senior Systems Analyst

Bangladesh Computer Council (Situated in near Agargaon, Mirpur, Taltola, Shyamoli, Dhaka. )

What type of hosting service do you offer?
BCC basically hosting websites of Bangladesh government. Currently there are over 150 websites hosting, most of which are available on Linux.
What is the reason why private data centers do not grow in Bangladesh?

The bandwidth price in Bangladesh is far more than the developed world, it is a matter of fact. Apart from that there is no alternative line of submarine fiber optical cable, we always have to face risk. There is also the quality of reliable quality power supply for the Data Center. So, in the same way, the data center for hosting in the country is not a commercially developed environment.

Shah Imraul Kayes
managing director
Technobid Web Solutions Limited

What kind of questions do you face with customers as a web hosting company?

A question often comes. That's the price tag for hosting. More than 40 companies in the market are hosting hosting services in Bangladesh. But each company announced a different type of package.
As a result, the buyer himself would be reluctant to read which company would be better for him. In this case, clients want to know about the different offers of different offers. We also have to be embarrassed and explain why hosting costs are different.

What are your suggestions for those who want to buy new hosting again?

Keeping the concept of hosting in advance. Doing homework yourself. First of all, decide what kind of services to be hosting.

Even though hosting a website with a general quality, you need to look into two things: 01. The company's previous records and some companies are now taking service from them and Looking at the price you will see what your own needs are before. Accordingly, they will choose hosting. Remember, when you have complex hosting with database and e-commerce, you will have to learn a lot of technical questions beforehand. Such as: server configuration, data transfer bandwidth, data backup facility and some other information including support.


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