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Why you need a website

How a Website Increase Your Business and Revenue

Even though the business is small, you have to have 10 web sites for 10 reasons.The use of  chnology in our country is increasing, the business is growing. But just how much Business every day coming to technology? The number is not too high. The reason Many of us think that  he use of technology in business is still Not important so much in Bangladesh. If you think that is the same, then you are mistaken.
People are now more dependent on technology. More So your business is big or small, web site you need. If still Do not find the reason, keep reading, I just give you 10 points Try to  understand.
1. Promotion
The business you are doing, your website is for that business Your business card Wherever you  ant all your products or services You can find out about, your office location, or your phone number Get out You will know why choose your product or service.
2. Easy availability
I have already said that, but still i am saying.Web site means you can easily Can be  ound.Suppose I live in Kalyanpur, and your business is in Uttara. If you have a web site I will find you easily, even in New York, But it is easy to understand what can happen if you do not have a web site.
3. 24 hours of business open day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
You may take a store, open it from 8am to 8pm, But the web site will be open 24 hours.You may get call from Customer From 6am to 12pm, you can open your contact page There will be 24 hours. Even on holidays, or if you are on vacation outside of the country Still, the customer can contact you easily.
4. It is a style for your business
Suppose at this moment you got a product, but how to use this product and Do not know what to use. what will you do? Closing my eyes and i can say You will be find out their web site for how you use it. But if there is no web site of that product? Then you will think that Its not real. Just like for your product or service If you do not have a web site, you can not even make trust of the customer. But one of your web sites will give you a different style, so that You can easily attract your customer.
5. The way for reducing your time
In your web site you can easily highlight all the details of your product or service You can, You can also list what usually the customers ask, and Their answer, which is called Frequently Asked Questions. And You can easily tell your customers all the details of your product. You dont need to reply to phone calls or reply to emails again and again.
6. Increase customer service; Increase trust
Having a web site assures your customers about good customer service.And as I said earlier, through the FAQ, many customers in the service Get it, and it will increase the value of customer service. And build the forum Arrangements for other customers to get help from them you can.
7. Your online showroom
Whatever your business is a service or a product, all you want is your choice You can keep it here so that everyone can see it. Suppose you are a web Designers, screenshots of your work, or links you can easily keep, As a result, one can see your work coming to your site. Maybe you have Bootics shop, with all your product prices and what size, what color is it You can keep all on your web site. And if your business is buyinghouse  then the web site will be needed.
8. Make Your Target little bit higher
A store in a local area just sells in the local area, Just familiar in your Locality, But You can easily get acquainted in other areas through the website.

9. Keep everyone updated
When registering or subscribing to ones own web site, then You are getting his email address, even somebodys phone in the field Number.And if you want them to update any of your products or from then on You can easily report new product information. Even offers, or Any gift you can give from here.
10. A web site is worth the money
If this thing is discussed in detail, then I will say Read again, think again.Having a web site is what you do easily Can you get anything else?  To create a web site, initially it takes total 10-20 thousands taka.It takes Tk 2000-4000 a year, which is Less than your magazine bill .But this is another level of campaigning and you will get success .Which you can never calculate with money।
Hopefully everything will be useful, and helpful.Especially those who Do not hesitate to do the web site for your business. My suggestion is if you have business then please make a website.



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