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Need Website Re-Construction?

Need Website Re-Construction?

You might develop your website before anyone. And you did it before any of your current opponents. But now the technological advancement are compelling you to reconstruct your website. Now you would like to reconstruct your site. a great reconstruction is really a huge success as well as can be a flop. Use these for your website reconstruct plan and make a successful web site reconstruct. It may that you are using an agency or you are reconstructing by yourself your site the guideline will assist you strategize the website reconstruct in a manner you want it.
We have identified seven steps of website reconstruct: strategy, planning, designing, building, optimizing, launching, and analyzing. But none of the latter six stages will be effective without putting a lot of focus on that first stage that is strategy.
Benchmark Your Current Metrics:
Before you starting planning your reconstruct, know and record your running performance metrics. Start by analyzing your existing site over its history in areas like:
Number of visits/
Number of visitors/unique visitors (per day)
Top pages that receive traffic
Time on site (average)
Top-performing keywords (in terms of rank, traffic, and lead generation)
Number of inbound linking domains
Number of new leads/form submissions (per month)
Total amount of sales generated (per month)
Total number of pages indexed
Make note of the tools you used to identify each of these particular benchmarks. Use that same tools while collecting old design metrics. Otherwise, you will be comparing apples to oranges.
Set Up Your reconstruct Goals:
Why you want to reconstruct your website? there should always be a good reason behind it. It is not just about how your site looks, but rather how it works. Be really clear about why you are doing the reconstruct. Fix some goals and tie those goals to measureable results. Then contact your goals with your team, designer, or agency. Here you may find some reasons:
Increasing number of visits/visitors
Reducing bounce rate
Improving domain authority
Improving number of new leads/form submissions
Improving total amount of sales generated
Enhancing current SEO rankings for important keywords
Many of these metrics-driving goals are dependent on one other. For example, For generating more adaptation, you may also need to increase traffic while decreasing your site’s bounce rate.
Like strategy, planning is all about the specifics. Here you will do the frame work for your website reconstruct. According to you need make the specific planning to improve your site.
What specifically is missing from your current website? Sometimes, a website simply needs a simple visualizing changes, and sometime it needs complete technological up gradation, but Remeber that there are plenty of outdated websites raking in major revenue online. Even if you have nothing obviously dysfunctional to fix, a reconstruct is the perfect opportunity to optimize your whole site to give it a fresh and better look for the new customers.
What is your marketing strategy? This is one of the most important points to define in the strategy and planning stages. What will your marketing strategy be? If your number-one goal is building an email list, your website could look much different than if your marketing strategy is focused online sales or channeling users to your online store. Most websites can be adjusted to facilitate a given marketing strategy, but doing a dedicated reconstruct is the perfect opportunity to customize your online platform specifically for your online strategy.
Protect Your Search Engine Optimized Pages:
The rank on search engine and getting found is very important cause if you have a great site but no one is coming in your site then how can you increase new leads and how you convert them into sales? So keeping the SEO in the mind you need do some basic things before you reconstruct your site.
keyword research is very important. For every page on your new designed site, pick one keyword/topic that the page will focus on. Take initiative for adding new content and pages to your website that address those particular keywords and topics that are neglected on your current website.
Benchmark all of your most search-valued pages.
Change the most leads, and eventually cover the most influential topics in your industry. If you plan for removing, make sure you create the proper 301 redirects. Carefully Make a 301 redirect strategy. Because 301 redirects are very important in terms of retaining the traffic and link.
An Eye towards the Competition:
While we do not recommend preoccupying over your competitors, it can help to know how you relate. Run your website through different free Marketing tools to generate a report card of how your website and marketing is performing. Take a look of the prominent competitors of your business and see how they are applying their ideas to their new or old website you might find some ideas that really works for you.
Take Inventory of Your High-Performing Assets:
Whereas a reconstruct is a great way to increase the performance of your website, unfortunately, there are also numerous ways in which it can upset you. Your existing website likely contain many high-performing capitals that you have been building up for a long time, and losing their effectiveness because of a reconstruct can severely damage your marketing results. For instance, such
assets might include your:
Most shared or viewed content
High-trafficked pages
Best performing/ranking keywords and associated pages
Number of inbound links to individual pages
Like, if you ended up removing a page from your site that has gathered a high number of inbound links, you could potentially lose a lot of SEO credit, which will make it gradually difficult for you to get found in search. Keep in mind that many web designers do not consider this step because they are neither marketers nor SEO specialists. So carefully choose and build your website that not only improve the look and functionality but also keep your SEO as it is or may be enhanced.



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